Vipassana and its tools

  1. What is Vipassana?
    • This is a technique by which the mind unlearns its behaviour of reacting toward pleasurable and painful sensations and develops equanimity toward them.
  2. How Vipassana works?
    • Vipassana works by using four main tools:
      • Sheel (Do’s and Don’ts)
      • Samadhi (Focused and concentrated mind)
      • Bhawanamayi Pragya (Ability to feel bodily sensations)
      • Samta (Equanimous mindset)
  3. Explain the importance of each of these tools:
    • Sheel:
      • Sheel means following precepts like avoid stealing in any form, avoid telling lying, avoid any kind of narcotics, avoiding sexual misconduct, avoid hurting any being in body and mind.
      • By following Sheel, the mind is saved from all the trouble that is bound to arise as a consequence of all these misconducts. So a smooth peaceful path is laid out for the being.
    • Samadhi:
      • Samadhi means a concentrated and focused mind.
      • To achieve a focused mind, it has to be engaged in some kind of repetitive task. This repetitive task can be anything for eg. repeating a word continuously in mind or using a bead necklace or focusing on an image of someone on whom the person has high belief.
      • In Vipassana, the mind is given the task of knowing the incoming and outgoing breath at the entrance of nostrils. This task is termed Ana-pana. Ana-pana makes the mind focused, sensitive and expands the boundaries of conscious mind in the unexplored territories of subconscious mind.
      • With regular practice, the mind becomes sensitive to fine sensations occurring throughout the body which will help in achieving the goals of Vipassana.
      • With continuous expansion of conscious mind in the subconscious territory, a stage comes when the whole mind becomes conscious and the subject feels awake during sleep! The subject can hear his snoring, feel the chest movements with each breath, feels the heartbeat, remembers his dreams and the sleep duration is decreased as well.
    • Bhawanamayi Pragya:
      • Bhawanamayi Pragya is the ability of mind to feel bodily sensations. When the mind becomes sharp and sensitive it starts feeling sensations throughout the body. This helps in knowing the whole body and mind at the levels of sensations.
    • Samta (Equanimous mindset)
      • Samta i.e. equanimous mindset is one of the main ingredients of Vipassana. It helps in developing equanimous behaviour of mind toward pleasurable and painful sensations. With continuous practice of Samta, the mind eventually frees itself from the pattern of reacting toward pleasurable and painful sensations which is know as Sankaras.
      • Sensitive and Equanimous mind are the final tools of Vipassana which will purify and liberate the mind of the accumulated Sanskaras and help in witnessing the ultimate truth which all human being desire to achieve!

If you wish to try this technique you can visit your nearest center and have your own personal experience! Please visit this site to schedule your first 10 day course

Work for your own liberation and be happy!

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